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15 November 2006

'Nova a "big-time place"

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
11/15/2006 03:21:00 PM

Comcast SportsNet is running an AP piece on the Wildcats' expectations for the season. The article gives a very good review of what the team accomplished last year, and outlines the current state of the program. Curtis Sumpter says he is back and better than ever, and Mike Nardi praises his new backcourt buddy Scottie Reynolds.

What struck me most, however, were two quotes from the article. The first, from Coach Jay Wright, shows that Jay sees big things for the team, not only in a few years, or next year, but this year.

"I like our group," coach Jay Wright said. "It might take us a little longer, but I'm kind of excited about the future. And by that, I mean the end of the season."

The second quote is from Nardi. When asked if he were surprised that a marquee entertainer like 50-Cent appeared at Nova's Hoops Mania, Nardi perfectly captured the future of the program with his reply:

"That's what Villanova's about," Nardi said, smiling "We're a big-time place. We get it done."

Well said, Mike.



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