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01 March 2007

ESPN: Reynolds a "Hiro"

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
3/01/2007 05:47:00 PM

O.K., I thought ESPN was a sister network of ABC, not NBC. I'm not sure how happy the corporate masters are over at Disney, but ESPN's Andy Glockner is obviously a huge fan of "Heroes," the breakout NBC drama.

Glockner devotes his entire "Drive to 65" bubble-watch column today to Villanova's own Scottie Reynolds, drawing parallels between Reynold's game last night with the supernatural abilities of the Heroes cast.

According to Glockner, Reynolds used his "special powers" to save Villanova's season. He is right. Reynolds's performance last night was fairly superhuman.

Glockner goes on with his metaphor:

[S]hould we start calling Villanova's Scottie Reynolds "Silar," after the evil character in "Heroes" who kills people and takes their powers? Reynolds certainly was Villanova's hero Wednesday night. He killed UConn from behind the arc, showing his newfound ability to go thermonuclear with a 40-point explosion in a four-point win greatly enhanced Nova's at-large hopes. Reynolds has been anything but invisible down the stretch, having poured in 90 points in his last three games. [...]

Right about now, Oklahoma fans probably are hoping that Reynolds can come and erase their memory. [...]

Glockner didn't move Villanova to the "lock" column yet, as I would have. But he did place the 'Cats and upcoming opponent Syracuse into the "should be in" category, which really should be re-titled "all but in" this late in the season.

One more thing to note. Glockner closes his column with what I hope becomes a new Villanova catchphrase:

Bottom line: If Reynolds is able to read the minds of the selection committee, he's probably feeling pretty good about his team's chances right now. Save the Wildcats ... save the world

Save the Wildcats, save the world. Indeed.

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