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31 March 2007

WVU wins NIT, bad t-shirts

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
3/31/2007 02:02:00 PM

Congratulations to the West Virginia Mountaineers, fellow members of the Big East, for winning the National Invitation Tournament in New York City on Thursday.

The Mountaineers beat Clemson of the ACC 78-73 in the NIT final at Madison Square Garden.

Though it's been argued that winning the NIT is like kissing your sister -- please, no Pittsnogle jokes -- the Mountaineers had to suffer a different kind of ignominy Thursday night when they donned the celebratory championship t-shirts, which were humorously misspelled.

The shirts, which were printed by the NIT, drop one of the more crucial letters in "West Virginia": the trailing "i."

Since this is a family blog, I won't go into the various debates on the correct pronunciation of "Virgina"; suffice it to say that in any case, even the winner of the Not Invited Tournament deserves better than that.

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At 7:09 PM, March 31, 2007, Blogger Brian RN said...

Anyone else notice the striking resembalance between Pittsnoggle and KFed? I think they both have the same aunt-mother.


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