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02 April 2007

Wright will stay at Villanova

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
4/02/2007 12:39:00 AM
Contrary to some foolish reports yesterday, Jay Wright will return to Villanova's sidelines next season, according to an article published this weekend by the Philadelphia Daily News.

Reporter Dana Pennett O'Neil writes that a source told the newspaper Jay Wright would not coach at Kentucky next year and that he is content at Villanova.

Says O'Neil:

The Jay Wright to Kentucky rumors can officially be put to bed. A source told the Daily News on Saturday that the Villanova coach isn’t headed to the Bluegrass State, that Wright already has made it clear that he isn’t interested in the job there and that he is very happy at Villanova.

This should indeed finally put to rest the consistent rumors that Wright and Kentucky were interested in each other, but some fans will not be completely satisfied until Kentucky officially hires a coach.

Luckily for those fans, Kentucky is expected to make a decision quickly to fill its coaching vacancy, as soon as April 5, according to speculators.

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At 9:04 AM, April 02, 2007, Blogger Eric said...

That's good news. Hopefully KY will hire someone soon so we can all relax and focus on next season. Speaking of...here are a couple of videos of Corey Stokes and Corey Fisher


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