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10 June 2008

"Nova Notebook" gives offseason insight

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
6/10/2008 01:48:00 PM

The Villanova media relations czar Mike Sheridan is back this offseason with his much-loved public relations column, Nova Notebook.

Nova Notebook gives Villanova fans an insider's view of the program, typically profiling a selected player with behind-the-scenes stories and quotes.

So far this spring, the column has offered features on Scottie Reynolds, Corey Stokes, the new Wildcat Taylor King, and the former guard Mike Nardi.

Sheridan is a very good writer and skillfully captures the essence of "Villanova basketball." Although his office has steadfastly refused to grant this Web site a press pass for each of the last two seasons, we maintain hope that 2008-2009 will finally be the year LetsGoNova.com makes it into press row.

The Nova Notebook column is published periodically in the summer, but assumes a weekly schedule in the fall as the run-up to the basketball season grows shorter.

The first Nova Notebook column ever was published on August 30, 2002, and chronicled the former Villanova guard Gary Buchanan's trip to Michael Jordan's basketball camp.

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At 9:29 AM, June 11, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe a media savvy guy like Mike doesn't recognize the value of new media.

LGN has established itself as the dominant Nova basketball blog on the web. It's obvious from the sitemeter that the site is widely read and helps shape nova basketball opinion. You deserve a press pass!

On the other hand, they might not want to give legitimacy to your malcolm grant views.

At 12:23 PM, June 11, 2008, Blogger Pete said...

I am hoping this is the year we get one. Last season, the traffic and readership to this site really exploded. During the season, we are now getting 500-1000 readers per day. Also, our fans tend to be a lot more dedicated than average.

At 2:19 PM, June 11, 2008, Anonymous Lip said...

Amen to dedication!

At 10:43 AM, June 12, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that in the picture of Scottie he is clearly carrying the ball

-D Winger


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