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21 January 2009

Live blog for UConn tonight

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
1/21/2009 12:01:00 AM

Get ready for the biggest live blog event of the Villanova basketball season tonight as the 'Cats face #3 UConn.

Join us at 7 p.m., and have your snarky comments and snarkier fake usernames at the ready.

#20 Villanova (14-3) at #3 Connecticut (16-1)
7 p.m., 21 January 2009 at the XL Center.


Line: Connecticut -9.5

Facing hugely talented and third-ranked Connecticut, Villanova gets perhaps its toughest opponent of the entire season tonight. Will the Wildcats be able to get their first quality win of the season? It will be a tough task.

UConn boasts one of the best backcourts in the nation, featuring Jerome Dyson, AJ Price, and Kemba Walker. The Huskies' front line, with Hasheem Thabeet, Jeff Adrien, Stanley Robinson, and Gavin Edwards, isn't exactly chopped liver, either.

KenPom predicts a 9-point win for the Huskies, giving Villanova just a 17 percent chance of victory.

Nova News, VUHoops, VBTN, and the all-new IBBW all run breathless previews.

Predict the final score in the comment thread below, and don't forget to stop back here for the live blog at 7 p.m.

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At 11:36 PM, January 20, 2009, Blogger Pete @ LetsGoNova.com said...

UConn 76
Nova 59

At 12:10 AM, January 21, 2009, OpenID bosshoghazzard said...

nova 101
uconn 78

At 6:46 AM, January 21, 2009, Blogger Pope of the Hardwoods said...

Nova 70
UConn 65

At 8:10 AM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nova 65
UConn 59

At 9:16 AM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Knowva said...

Uconn 73
Nova 66
Anonymous Rant 1,227 words

At 10:53 AM, January 21, 2009, OpenID bosshoghazzard said...

number of times Pete makes an unwarranted, unfounded criticism of nova in the recap regardless of the outcome- 7

At 11:55 AM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Sean Don said...

Villanova 65
UConnvicts 63

At 11:59 AM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Pete Bangs Men said...

Uconn 78
Nova 64

Man I hope I my name up in the blog!

At 12:21 PM, January 21, 2009, Blogger Lady Madonna said...

There's nothing like old soup warmed up!

Oops, wrong blog.

At 12:31 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Greg Monroe said...


At 12:39 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Roy Hibbert said...

I own you Greg Monroe because I am a Pokemon Master

UConn 68
Nova 45

At 12:44 PM, January 21, 2009, Blogger Matthew said...

Nova shoots lights out:
Nova 75

At 1:06 PM, January 21, 2009, OpenID bosshoghazzard said...

I would like to change my prediction. I thought about it more. It will go like this.

Villanova 133
Dante Cunning and Antonio Pena will dismantle UCONN’s front court after Thabeet gets into foul trouble early. Dante scores 28 shooting 80% from the field and grabbing 14 rebounds. Pena puts up 16 going a perfect 6-6 from the foul line.
Scottie and Stokes shoot a thermonuclear 13 for 13 from beyond the arch. The NBA range kind. Stokes leads the way with 8 and finishes with 24 points. Scottie buries the other 5 from way out of town and hits 9 of 10 from inside the city limits while swishing all 8 of his free throws. He goes for a game high 41 points while absolutely scorching the Huskies. Again.
Cory Fisher runs the show at the point obtaining an astonishing 30 assists, setting a new NCAA single game assist record besting the old mark by 7. He also logs 30 steals tying Mookie Blaylock for most ever in a single game. He chips in a season high 24.

At 1:43 PM, January 21, 2009, Blogger Hezekiah said...

Nova 68

At 2:43 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pete - 78
Nova 56
jay wright - 89....coaching missteps

At 3:31 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Poolboy's sister said...

Nova 68
UConn 66

At 3:47 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Malcolm Grant Gives Pete Boners said...

"Join us at 7 p.m., and have your snarky comments and snarkier fake usernames at the ready."
I laughed put loud in class when I read that

At 3:48 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Gregg said...

Nova 68
Computer Thieves 65

At 4:52 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Greg Monroe said...

damn you roy hibbert! at least when i get in the nba i wont keep up that gotta catch em all attitude with fouls that you seem to have!

At 4:55 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Roy Hibbert and Greg Monroe is the same person with different usernames. What a bad set up.

At 6:31 PM, January 21, 2009, Anonymous Andrew Ott Dominates The Paint said...

Nova: 76
UConn: 72

Andrew Ott vs Michigan: 4-4, 8pts, 1REB, 2AST 10 Mins.

At 6:46 PM, January 21, 2009, Blogger Pete @ LetsGoNova.com said...

Another great job Jay did developing and keeping Ott


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