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12 February 2007

Randy Foye cited by police

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
2/12/2007 02:57:00 PM

Villanova alumnus and NBA rookie of the year candidate Randy Foye was cited by police last night for disorderly conduct outside a Minneapolis gas station. Police had been responding to reports of fighting.

Police did not say who started the fight. Foye and two others received citations and were then released, while a fourth was booked into the local jail. All four had been in the same automobile, said police.

According to the Associated Press, which obtained the police report

Officers responded about 2:40 a.m. to a witness report of a scuffle outside the gas station about 2 miles south of Target Center. They found four people in a fight next to a parked sports utility vehicle while the store was closed.

Update @6:47 P.M: Randy Foye talked to reporters Monday afternoon to discuss the incident. Foye said that he was driving when two of his passengers began arguing. Foye said he then pulled over the SUV so the argument could be settled.

Foye emphasized that he does not plan to make a habit of these type of incidents:

That's not me, and it won't be in the future because I'm much smarter than that. I had nothing to do with the situation. Basically I tried to stop the situation.

Update @ 13-Feb-2007, 1:00 A.M: Here is a story on the situation from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It sounds like Randy was just trying to be a peacekeeper and it backfired. It's a good read to understand the situation.

Update @ 13-Feb-2007, noon: The full transcript of Randy's comments addressing the situation can be found here. From his comments it is clear he was not involved in the fighting in any way.

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but obviously he isn't keeping good company...


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