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26 August 2007

Foye working out with NJ high-school team

posted by Pete @ LetsGoNova.com
8/26/2007 02:42:00 AM
Talk about some summer basketball domination: Villanova alum Randy Foye has been scrimmaging with the Rumson-Fair Haven high school basketball team this offseason to prepare for his sophomore campaign in the NBA.

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional, a suburban high school in one of New Jersey's richest communities, may not be used to hosting NBA-level talent. The Bulldogs went 4-16 last season and are looking to build some sort of winning foundation this year, starting with the hiring of new head coach James Young.

Foye, who recently purchased a new home close-by in Rumson, actually approached the school to ask if he could work out in the gym. Amazingly, the rookie coach Young jumped at the chance for his players to run with a rising NBA star, and Foye has agreed to work with the student-athletes to improve their games.

The full article is definitely worth checking out. Foye is extensively quoted, and even addresses the culture clash between the life experiences of Rumson's suburban athletes and his background from a rough neighborhood in Newark:

I saw it in the beginning and addressed it. I don't think it's being "soft," I think it's not having to compete for anything because they've always had everything handed to them. They've never had to compete for a drink of water or compete to have the luxury to get in a car and go somewhere. They don't know what hard work is and don't know what hunger is. Sometimes when they see someone come from where I came from and how it turned out and I explain it to them, then their attitude changes. But these guys are good kids.

Digital Sports also includes a picture in the article showing Randy taking a set shot from 12 feet, straightaway. He must be teaching the kids something there, because that shot does not come up often in the NBA.

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